Just a point of interest: I happened to look at the hit meter of the Askari Miniatures web store today and found that there have been over 1.6 million page requests ("hits") since I first brought up the page on 6 November 2004, almost exactly six years ago today.

Thanks to my many friends and customers who have supported us!

Among the things we're working on for release in the spring are, of course, Cossacks for the 1870s--useful for both Central Asia and the Balkans.  To field these guys we need a few good horses.

Surprisingly, good horses are not easy to find.  I want our Askari horses to be as good as our Askari men and like them, horses come in all shapes and sizes.  For our Chasseurs d'Afrique we have modelled North African "Barbs," which are a bit smaller than the standard European heavy cavalry horse.  The Cossack horses are smaller, too, while the Akkal-Tepe horse used by the Turcomen are a larger type related to Arabians. And then we need some heavy horses to pull the limbers for the German 77mm field piece.

That's a lot of green horseflesh.  Our philosophy is that nothing is too good for our customers.

I have just received notice that Foundry Press has released "Risings and Rebellions 1919-1939: Interwar Colonial Campaigns in Africa, Asia, and the Americas," by Edwin Herbert.