The old server was operational for almost four years--ancient by internet standards.

This is not exactly new: the poll opened in December when I upgraded the site. I did some server maintenance a week or so ago and in the process lost most of the votes.

So if you voted in the poll before, please do so again!

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I'll have to admit to being a bit lazy: the last poll has been up for almost two years. But in my (weak) defense I must add that every time I thought about taking it down, I noticed that someone had just voted.

Recently I've been batting some ideas around with my sculptors and friends and wanted to renew the poll. The top vote getters in the old poll were Russians, Pulp, and German Colonials. Some of each are going to be released in the coming months and it's time to look forward.

What I've done in this poll is to expand the idea of Askari adventures and Colonials to Colonial Adventures in North America. Before the European empires had Africa or Asia in their sights, North America was the place to be and the conflicts between England (as she then was), France and Spain shaped the 18th century history of the continent and eventually led to the birth of a new nation.

Let me know what you think. Avast, ye swabs: be it pirates, voyageurs, trappers or militia, let your voice be heard!