To get a good start to the New Year, yesterday I loaded five new Painting Guides to the webstore.  These include Chasseur Alpins, Chasseurs d'Afrique, North Africans, Senegalese and Algerian Tirailleurs.  They join the Zouave, Spanish Foreign Legion and Russian Infantry guides.  Some of these were previously on a web page and one (the North African guide) was a text file.  They are now all in a consistent pdf format.

These are all free downloads, you can download as many as you like.  Please note that while they are free, you do have to register as a customer to download them.  I provide these guides as a service to my present and (hopefully) future customers so I will add you to my mailing list and send you the occasional email newsletter.

I'm thinking of offering a printed version in full color for a small printing fee but for now you'll have to print them yourself or view them online. They are not meant to be comprehensive but simply to be used to paint up our Askari Miniatures figures (you did remember to buy some figures, right?)

I have based them on the research done for figure development and they rely a lot on period photos, paintings, and postcards as these are available.  If you see errors or points that require clarification, please let me know.  I've already made an update to the Russian Infantry guide based on a request for information about shoulder board (pogoni) colors.

Let's all work together to make sure these great Askari Miniatures get fielded and don't remain on some great pile of unpainted lead!  I've done my part--now it's your turn.