I've recently had one of those rare opportunities to update the webstore for existing products.

Pictured are some Ethiopian militia with spears (and a sword) that I painted for Ed at Two Hour Wargames . We sell these figures in a pack of 12 with six basic configurations. By doing some additional mixing, I was able to come up with about 10 different variations, some of which are pictured here. You can see more at the webstore.

I also updated a couple of the command packs. The Tirailleurs Algerien command pack now has a French officer in it; I'll update the photo when I get the figure painted in his light blue Tirailleur coat. The Russian Winter Command Pack has two new excitingadditions: an officer and a bugler in winter dress. I have not yet had the chance to photograph these two models but as soon as I do, the photo will be updated. I've taken the provisional "T" off the code and if you order the packfrom now on, you'll get all four figures.

I updated the print catalog, too. I'm embarassed to say how it's been since I updated that one! You can find it on the Catalog tab at the top of all these pages.

And speaking of Ed and Two Hour Wargames, he's just released Adventures in the Lost Lands game. The Ethiopians above will be used in scenarios he's working on with those rules and Larger than Life forTexicon , Enfilade , Bayou Wars , Origins and Skirmish .

Expect to see some other new Pulp Adventures figures from Askari: hey, somebody's got to shoot those dinos! 

Check it out at the webstore today and the cons soon!