Askari Miniatures Sculpting and Casting Services explained.

Custom sculpted figure $200

Custom-made figure to your specifications, 50 castings included.   Buy as many more as you like at $1.50 each.

I keep the master and the molds. All rights reserved by Askari Miniatures. I may sell additional figures at my going rate.

Masters and mold making

You provide the master figure(s) in the appropriate medium (typically green stuff).  I charge at portions of a master mold at $8.25 per mold space.  A full mold costs $100 (approx 14 figures).  I only use high-quality silicone mold materials, no black rubber.


Once the above master molds are made, small metal castings (dollies, sprues, etc.) are provided at  0.25 ea; finished figures and large parts at 0.50 ea.  If large quantities of figures are needed, a production mold will be required.  Production molds are $100 each.


The above are general guidelines.  Each job will be quoted on a case-by-case basis and agreed by both parties in writing.