No problem. Well, annoying problem anyway.

The Zencart software I use encrypts your password using the MD5 algorithym (if that means anything to you). It is strong encryption. It's encrypted twice for good measure. Since i don't own a supercomputer, there's no way I can decrypt it. If you lose it, the only option is to reset it.

If your first login attampt fails, remember these tips and try again:

  • Your account uses the email address you signed up with. Make sure you're using that email address and it is typed in correctly.
  • Try once more, typing your password carefully, since you can't see the characters on the screen.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive so make sure the CAPS LOCK isn't on.
  • If you have any numbers in your password, make sure the NUM LOCK is on if you are using the number pad on your keyboard.

If you still can't log on,

  • There's an option right below the username/password prompt that asks, "Forgot your password?" Click it and the site will send you a new password.
  • That featrue always works. Sometimes the new password email gets caught in SPAM filters. You should get an email almost immediately.

If you're not getting the password reset, then email me. I can reset it.

Once you do get a new password, whether I or the system reset it, CHANGE IT. Change it to something you will remember or write it down. Seriously. Security experts say not to, but you probably have lots of passwords. Just don't put it on a sticky note on your computer screen or in a file on the computer itself. Some browsers will offer to save usernames and passwords.