Schutztruppe CommandSome more new color photos. Our painter, Les Keffel, has been busy with Schutztruppe, Hereros and French sailors. Check out the inspiring new photos at the webstore.

The German Schutztruppe Command set is here and ready to ship. It consists of four figures as shown: NCO waving, Officer with sword, Bugler running, and Scout pointing. These make the command figures for the dismounted Schutztruppe GE-1.

I have worked this summer to finish up some projects and am now making production molds. Expect to see quite a few new things in the next  few months.

Here's a photo of the first painted German colonials. The figure on the left is from the Infantry pack; the one on the right is from the forthcoming Command pack.

Germany's Southwest Africa colony (Deutsche Sud-West Afrika, DSWA) was defended by a security force made up completely of German troops. These troops were known as Schutztruppe and were all mounted infantry supported by artillery crews.