Askari Miniatures are building out our German Colonial line with German artillery crews for our Krupp field and mountain guns.German Mountain Gun Crew

Inspired by the paintings of the artist Carl Becker, the crews are action poses from the conflicts in German Southwest Africa (Deutsches Suedwest Afrika, DSWA) in the early 1900s.










In addition to the mountain crew, here is also a field gun crew for the Krupp 77mm Field gun.

German Field Gun Crew














The field guns were not recoilless, and in most of the Becker paintings the crews are engaged in moving the guns into position--or back into position after firing.

Shown in the photos are the pre-production master figures. The sets will be available in the web store shortly.

The figures complement not only the guns but also the German limbers with their mule or horse teams.

The German Colonial range now has artillery and sailors. Next up are infantry and mounted troops from DSWA.