Two new horses under construction. the use of existing bodies and heads greatly speeds up the process and ensures the sizes remain the same. At left is a horse with his head turned; at right, a rearing horse.

Here's a pic of a trotting horse I've been working on.

Trotting horse


It has been a while since I've put anything on the Work Bench page. Usually I'm so busy I'd rather spend the time getting them into production. However, I'm not quite ready to release these new sailors and thought I'd share some photos.

We need some policemen in Cairo to keep order!  Here's one under development.

Another in the Egypt series, these packs will include police and prison guards.  Throughout the moder period, the police in Egypt were dressed and armed very much like the military.

And before you ask: no, the left hand is not a crab claw--it's just not finished.  There's a bit of cleanup on him before he's ready to go...that's why I call this the Workbench.