At the Colorado Springs Gaming Association Game Day on December 29, we re-played the action at Messifre, Syria, where the 4th Squadron of the 1st Foreign Legion cavalry (IV/1REC) and the 5th Battalion of the 4th Foreign Legion Infantry (V/4REI) covered themselves with glory.

To accompany the new Foreign Legion Cavalry regiment there's a new Painting Guide.

Earlier this month Capt. RP Jeynes of the Trailquest Archaeology Legion Project contacted me with information about their effort to find and document the existing remains of French Foreign Legion activity in Morocco. Pictured is the first, unnamed fort they are excavating, located in southeast Morocco near Figuig.

Askari Miniatures teams up with Ed Teixiera of Two Hour Wargames at Tacticon 2012 this past Labor Day weekend for a series of four games using THW's Colonial Adventures 2nd Edition and Long Rifle rule sets.

The definitive Guide to Askari Artillery is here!

The guide includes complete assembly instructions, backgrounds on each of the guns and photos of completed models and crews.

 Just click on the cover at left to download.

It is best viewed in 2-page mode, where you can view facing pages together.