Askar is a Swahili (and Arabic) word meaning "soldier" (plural askari). Battles and campaigns were fought almost exclusively with these native soldiers and a few European officers, yet you would hardly know it from looking at the lines of most figure manufacturers. Askaris are often badly done or not done at all. We aim to provide you with a wide choice of native troop types, both those that fought with the colonial powers and those that fought against them.


We want to provide the gamer with more choice. We have designed our lines to include unusual or hard to find types in the 25/28mm scale now standard in Colonial period gaming.

Our figures...

...are made with the highest quality metal alloy, designed to be hard but not brittle and to hold an incredible amount of detail. They require minimal cleanup: just prime and paint! They do contain lead and so are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

A tremendous amount of research goes into every Askari miniature. They are guaranteed to be not only detailed but also scrupulously accurate. In general, we portray our figures in campaign dress. Variations are noted in the catalog and with the pictures provided you should be able to see exactly what you're getting. If you are still not sure, sample packs are available. Please contact us with any questions!


Most of our figures are sculpted by either Tony Aldrich or Faron Betchley. Tony, mostly retired now, did the French and Russian ranges while Faron does the Italian and German figures. I do the animals. We've also had a couple of very talented artillery "artificers."

Bob Duncan is the Official Mule Consultant to Askari Miniatures. Bob is an avid gamer and historian in Columbia, Tennessee, the Mule Capitol of the World.

Les Keffel is the Official Painter of Askari Miniatures. While many of the photos of painted figures on this site are mine, Les does a magnificent job. Other have painted our figures as well, and I've tried to give credit on the photos themselves.

Ed Teixiera and Two Hour Wargames are the Official Rules consultant and rule sets, respectively. Early on I wrote my own free rules but Ed is so much better.

Bill Daniel and Sacha Gerrish, Terrain Jedi-Masters, are our Official Terrain Consultants. Besides being all-around good guys, these two are terrific terrain builders and run really fun games.

Website hosting and page design is done by me, along with occasional consulting from Scott Ross of Wave's End. Scott does his own hosting--high quality work at very reasonable prices.

Al Maurer, besides being the owner and webmaster, is caster, some-time sculptor, packer, and mailer. It doesn't get any better than this!

Finally, I've had inspiration, challenge and lots of fun playing wargames of all kinds with many friends. Thanks to David Kedroske, Dick Fickes, Mark Wells, Alan Martin, Martin Emmons, the crew of the North Herts Lancers and the Colorado Springs Gaming Association and many others for good times and good fun.