We've been working on the Italian Bersaglieri for the 1935 Italian line.  In the process, we've made a few figures with separate arms.

  The idea was that we could put either rifles or light machineguns in their hands.  In addition, we could create that classic Bersaglieri running figure with the rifle at trail.  When the weapon is 90 degrees from the main plane of the figure, it's difficult to reliably cast it.

I am still experimenting with the castings and may permanently fix some of the arms.  Of course, the disadvantages are you having to fix them on the figure and me having to package all the little bits.  The packs on the Zouaves and Turcos were originally separate, but I fixed them on for production.  Casting is an art, too.

So I've decided to use the polling feature of the program to start a poll:  what do you think of separate arms (or pack for that matter)?