Six new sets of cossacks and Central Asians have been released at the webstore.

This time we have a Circassian cossack Gorlov/Gatling crew (shown in photo), some Circassian cossacks an foot , more Turcomen and Bokharans.

For the Turcomen, we've added a mounted set with muskets as well as some dismounted figures. While the Turcomen fought mounted, occasionally you need a few dismounted figures.

For the infantry of Central Asia there is a unit pack of a variety of dress styles.There is also an extra set of command figures in different dress styles.

The khanates of Central Asia were basically city-states and people and dress styles of a wide variety could be seen everywhere. We've tried to include a variety of the most common types and, if these are well received, will be adding more as time goes on.

Check it out at the webstore today!